To tired to function

Old picture of when I was awesome
So want to have full bangs again, will probably get it in the end of september though. To hot for it now!
Do you feel like you used to be more awesome and cool before or do you feel like the time for that is now? :D

Are yah a nice person or have I been deceived

So I just wrote that headline and realised that you are,  but girlfriend u changed lately and I don't really like it. But I'll give you another chance and let your true colors show. 
... Was gonna upload a pic of myself stolen from my own account on instagram. Did not work so ya'll just have to visit mah instagram... Really have to stop with the slang BUT WE CAN'T STOP// Alex.
Rebellionstar on instagram ;)

Disney dudez

... This is so awesome!!! 

Two days in a row?!?!

I just wanted to rant a little and tell about my weekend^^.
So the rant!
I was on my way home from work and hurried a little to catch a train that was quite full for a change. I did not mind at all even though I had been standing since 07.00. And I mean The clock was ten to four it's not that shocking that there are alot of people on the train, plus another train from Copenhagen to Kalmar or something had some electical issues so they had to switch to the train I was taking. Still, no problem at all. I don't mind standing for ten minutes not difficult at all. But this family, from Kalmar (I know the Kalmar-dialect quite well since my sister comes from Kalmar) that had been seatet for at least 35 min before were complaining. Fine, I get it. You are a lazy family who can't stand up for even 20-30 minutes. They were complaining constatnly for 10 minutes. And I gotta tell you I think my sister has a cute dialect but these people... Dear mother of ****. Not only did they complain about the lack of seats and vehicle they also complaind about a child laughing. What put my mind at rest was their youngest daughter who really tried to stay positive and even said, it's not bad at all to stand up. It kind of made my day <3

And the weekend. 
I did not really do much like always, I watched anime (this season has some reeeeally good animes!), did my dishes, bought food and made alot of icetea! I also semi-finished a phonecase that I'm currently bedazzling it's turning out better then expected actually, will post some pics when it's completley done. I was thinking of making a post with stuff that I have remade/made/decorated and so on. I do have some ideas for this blog. I'm just lazy ;3

Well I'm off to bed now. I have to get up five in the morning tomorrow! Crazy early. Ya'll be good now bye bye// RebellionStar


Sorry that I have not upploaded anything for a few days but last week I started working at a new place and I have to get up five in the morning and I've had some trouble sleeping^^. 
Here are some pictures from midsummer, when I was in Uppsala and when I went to Kåseberga. I'll write
descriptions below the pictures ;3

Midsummer in Denmark
This is a cute electrical cabinet from midsummer in Denmark with my family. It was so cute I could not keep myself from taking a picture :)

I think this is a kind of malltype of ally. I liked the angle I got of it^^
A flowershop was giving away flower that were not in the best shape for free and I found these roses that I thought were oh-so-pretty they had a really nice vintage feel to them :)

Plantaget Uppsala
This is just flowerpictures so I thought that they did not need descriptions^^ But they are oh-so-pretty

On my way home from Ica^^
Yet again these pictures don't need descriptions, the sun was setting. It was nice xD

Both of the pictures are of the same view. I think it's very similar to Santiago De Compostela in Spain. My memory on my phone was full so I did not get alot of pictures with it but I borrowed my friends camera and took a few pictures with it. Might upload them, might not we'll see :)

I know that I don't have the best quality on my phones camera but it's not all that bad. Hopefully I will be able to buy a camera this fall or winter but I don't know. I need a new computer and I so so so wanna go to Japan next spring. I don't know what to prioritize^^. 
But it's all good :) I'm gonna go and drink some homemade icetea now bye bye// Rebellionstar

Jesus, Liv Tyler and a burned nose.

Today I went to Ales stones and on the train ride there I saw Jesus, he was tall, light brown coloured hair and beard   , really cool 70's sunglases, a white shirt and beige pants and he was carrying a brown leather briefcase. He was really cool. Modern but still Jesus. The sun was so strong today and we were outside the whole day so I burned my nose. It's not red or anything but it's a tad bit browner then the rest of the face and it hurts a little so it's not that terrible. On my way home I saw a women who were so much alike Liv Tyler that it's crazy. She was really pretty like Liv Tyler but you could see that she was not her. I wanted to say that she was really beautiful and she resemble Liv... But I was a little to shy to do that. I'm gonna write more about Ales stones when I'm not as exhausted as I am today. I just wanted to share this info with ya'll. Hope everybody have a nice evening.
Bye bye // Rebellionstar ;3

Road to the sun

Yuna - I wanna go

Anime time/ hungry time

Hi rosebuds!
So while I'm wating for my kitchen to be free so I can cook dinner I'm gonna write a little about one of the animes I'm currently following. I'm not a sportsfan or anything but I love animes that are about japanese games like Karuta and Mahjong. Although I think Mahjong is chinese(?) correct me if I'm wrong here people. 
Anyway so I've been following this anime that is about karuta and I'm on the second season now and I never want it to end to be frank cuz it so good.
Upper picture is from the first season
Lower is from second season
(I do not own these pictures)
The name is Chihayafuru (season two is Chihayafuru 2). Karuta is 100 poems that they have to memorize to be able to play. They show in the anime that they use the Karuta cards to be able to memorize easier for school and such. So the main heroine is introduced to Karuta through this in school. There she meets a boy who grandfather is the King of Karuta so she plays Karuta with this boy and falls in love with the game. I'm not really gonna say more about it but if you like to see people working hard to reach their goal, romance and really funny scenes I strongly recomend this anime for you. I hope you will fall in love with it like I did.
Bye bye // RebellionStar

Too cute to not be mine

So I was on the youtube where I spend most of my time now a days and I found this cute little cheetah, some of ya'll may have seen this adorable animal but for those who have not I present you this! 
Can't say that I did much today, slept untill like 12 and then looked at some youtube videos and then went to work^^. Well I'll be leaving now bye bye // Rebellionstar

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