Sorry that I have not upploaded anything for a few days but last week I started working at a new place and I have to get up five in the morning and I've had some trouble sleeping^^. 
Here are some pictures from midsummer, when I was in Uppsala and when I went to Kåseberga. I'll write
descriptions below the pictures ;3

Midsummer in Denmark
This is a cute electrical cabinet from midsummer in Denmark with my family. It was so cute I could not keep myself from taking a picture :)

I think this is a kind of malltype of ally. I liked the angle I got of it^^
A flowershop was giving away flower that were not in the best shape for free and I found these roses that I thought were oh-so-pretty they had a really nice vintage feel to them :)

Plantaget Uppsala
This is just flowerpictures so I thought that they did not need descriptions^^ But they are oh-so-pretty

On my way home from Ica^^
Yet again these pictures don't need descriptions, the sun was setting. It was nice xD

Both of the pictures are of the same view. I think it's very similar to Santiago De Compostela in Spain. My memory on my phone was full so I did not get alot of pictures with it but I borrowed my friends camera and took a few pictures with it. Might upload them, might not we'll see :)

I know that I don't have the best quality on my phones camera but it's not all that bad. Hopefully I will be able to buy a camera this fall or winter but I don't know. I need a new computer and I so so so wanna go to Japan next spring. I don't know what to prioritize^^. 
But it's all good :) I'm gonna go and drink some homemade icetea now bye bye// Rebellionstar


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