I'm trying to come up with something to say something to write.
Trying to find my fire in an sea of ice.
For worse // Alex


As usual here I am unable to sleep. Thinking and dreaming of fame and fortune. Envy is a bad trip that i can't resist. 
I should really upload more often. Sorry about that.

Dreaming of London...

Yeah, Never went to Copenhagen. I want to go to London so so badly. Can't stand it. It's driving me crazy. But I do get the heats to travel a lot. My dream place is and will always be Tokyo but London is easier so get to. Cheaper. A lot more obtainable. Oh London. Invite me. // Alex


So many months drifted by, sorry. I realised that I need a real break from life. It's not because my life is bad or anything right now, it's great actually. But still, I think I need to get away from this country. Perhaps Copenhagen will do, I hope so, I need it. Or I just need a job, kind of the same thing for me. Will you give me one? I'm a hard working quick learner that will do my best and a little more. So will you?
// Alex


Wow, last year went by like a flash, so many things happend. I've been through hell and barely made it back but I think I'm on the right track now. 
This year, will be what I hope a good one, been really good so far. It's looking bright for my future at the moment. 
// R

Life update...

So I've been busy... I noticed that seven days after my 21 birthday I wrote that I hate everything and I have really no idea why I wrote that. But yeah, I went to a Halloween party or "sittning" as we say in Lund. It was a lot of fun, I love love love halloween and maquerades! I love to try new costumes and I wish that every party would be masquerade themed so I could do every idea I got! I was a evil fairy/dark fairy and I think it was the best idea I could ever come up with! I'll post a pic at the end of what I looked like.
After that it was november and I moved from my crappy corridor to an apartment with my friend. It's so good to have a clean nice kitchen and bathroom. AND I GOT A BATHTUB. Best thing ever. And I love my room. My family came down to help me move and they brought me a sofa, my 120cm bed, a new cabinet. Well the cabinet aint new it's from the 1940 but it's new for me! It turned out better then expected! It's like my dream room as a teenager! They brought some other things that I needed like my pink garbage bin and my stereo with a lp player. Well that's all for now got nothing else to say at the moment! Here is the pic!
// RebellionStar! 

Lost all hope

I hate everything.

Like the song they're playing on the radio

Three days, in three days I'll be turning 21.
Even though I'm turning 21 I still feel like I'm 16. Although I did som test like, what's your mental age?!
Two out of three said I was over 30... 
That's where I did something else, like play videogames, check everything for my trip to Uppsala/Stockholm tomorrow, study, anime, anime and youtube. Yes I did write anime twice. It was on purpose. I did go out today though, had to send some letters. Well it's late and I got school tomorrow. I'll probably (maybe) write when I get home. 
Good night // RebellionStar

Can't handle...

These feelings! I can't concentrate on anything. I'm stressed, nervous, excited and happy. Don't know what to do with myself. I just wanna run for miles untill I pass out... Sound like a good idea...
// Rebellionstar

Guitar playing and cold room

Fall is finally around, for real! And it's raining, feel almost like beeing in love. Was that thunder?! Okay feels like beeing in love. With days like this I might just go and buy a scented candle for 179kr. It smelled so good! I almost did not want to leave the store. It made me crazy I wanted to act like a child and scream on the ground. Pumkin spice. Makes me shaky just to think about. I think I'm in love with it... Lovely!
Cherry in the air... That perfume is something I'm in love with as well. Want it, need it, must have it.
Well I'm off to bed now. I just needed to write something, I'm giving in to my urges now a days ;) 
Sweet dreams // Rebellionstar

You say way too nice things...

I've been sick for almost a month, lovely. And I've been doing everything you are not suppose to be doing while beeing sick. Like, going out, not sleeping, not eating properly(or healthy). Way to go Alex!

Wanted to write something, but I forgot what. So I'll just write things I need(want). I mean it's my birthday soon and I''ll be wishing me some nice stuff. 
  1.  New computer. (Need it not want it. Mine is dying...)
  2. Compact camera (just want it)
  3. Money (need it)
  4. Shoppingday (want it/need it)
  5. Giftcard at Sephora (want it)
  6. Giftcard at The body shop (want it)
  7. Tv (want it)
  8. Pretty fan (solfjäder) (collecting it)
  9. Scented candles (want it)
  10. Nailpolish (want it)
  11. Lovely postcards (collecting it)
  12. Cute posters (collecting it)
  13. New pair of jeans (need it, need it, need it, need it)
Wanted to get that out of my system... Not expecting to get everything, I'll probably just end up buying most of it myself (: and I will always be wanting a trip to Tokyo and London. Just saying. 

Singing love songs inte shower...

It's soon my birthday!! I'm hoping to be in Lund for my birthday but I might be in Uppsala. But I can just celebrate the weekend after. Or like make a week of celebrations! I would love that. 
Probably not going to happen though. Gonna sleep now so I can get up on time for school. 
Sweet Dreams // RebellionStar

But I got up

This weekend... WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I spraind my left thumb and now I feel like a monky everytime I try to grab something. I hurt my knees as well, I thought that the whole situation was fun but my friend not so much :D. But I mean I have not injured myself for so long that it was kind of refreshing to be honest. 
It was a good week and weekend. Now I have to catch up with my life ;)
Love // RebellionStar

It takes two to whisper

And my heart skipped a beat. 
So it's almost half past eleven and I'm still awake and not tierd. Even though I did not fall asleep until five in the morning last night. I walked a lot today, a lot. I think I walked on totall for three hours. That more than I sleept...  Is that not kind of sad? Today my mom talked to my old design teacher and asked if I'm going to Japan yet. Made we go on a spree of looking for opportunitys to go to Japan. I really wanna go, even just for a week. I actually don't want anything else to be honest. Sure I say I wanna go to London as well but that only cuz I know it's so much cheaper. I say I want a new computer but I actually need a new computer. Well I do want one but I need one as well. I mean I would not be saving money for it otherwise. Actually feeling tierd now, good night rosebuds
// ♥Rebellionstar

You can find it all in me

Just read my sisters blog. It really leaves a heavy feeling on my chest. I miss her a lot. It made me so sad, I want to call her but it's so late now. I'm feeling really uneasy now. Feels like her writing about her feelings is proof that Iäm not there enough for her or something. I don't know...
Forever I shall be by your side
Untill the dark comes to grab me
// Rebellionstar

Don't know what's going on...

It's finally fall!! Oh lovely fall how I have missed you! <3
Lately I've been feeling that my happiness gauge has been exploading of happiness. Although I'm I'll and so I still feel happy. But I'm going to school tomorrow. I need to. The past weeks has been so hectic and I've had a blast with all my new friends. I'm really enjoying this semester. I'm so tierd... again... I just wanna sleep all day if I'm not meeting my firends^^  I really did not have much to say at the moment. Have a nice weekend, but I might write something tomorrow as well. Love // RebellionStar

Old news

I'm so bad at this! But if I had a better phone I would post more often. (I broke my samsung galaxy s3) Anyhow. So I had my first day at school and it was awesome. I'm so excited for this semester, I'm going to get more involved in like everything! And this week and the next is going to be crazy fun! Andf I pierced my nose, I did a septum and I look epic and awesome. I also did a helix. That one hurt like oh mother of god why why why much. 
I had a rampage on my hair today and went to the body shop and got a bunch of samples. They are so nice and helpful there. I got the ginger shampo, the hair butter moisture, the macadamian hairstraigtening balm and the cottonseed curl boost. I think I will do a review of them. I also got two samples from Makeup Store, the matt foundation in the color sand, and the second darkest concealer. I'm gonna drink green cherry tea now, this made me tierd. 
Me with the nose piercing. I did it at Nikila in Kalmar. The owner and piercer is named Philip Svensson. 


I think about everything everyday. Terrible things that have happend to my family to my friends. Terrible things that happens all over the world. I do try to surpress the thoughts beacuse it breaks my heart over and over again. I hate it. I hate the terrible world that I live in. I hate Sweden for giving harder punishments to a swindler than a rapist. It's just sick. I hate swedish citizens for voting for sverigedemokraterna and giving them more power and popularity. I would have voted, and i would have left a blank note. Why? Cuz there is nothing I really agree with. I would get more involved but I have given up on swedish politic a long time ago. I mean JUST LOOK WTF HAPPEND! Sorry. I'm just so angry. I shall stop now. Bye // Rebellionstar

Now I know

So to take an update on what happend in Helsingör. Besides the make up we went and walked a little my friends bought a lot of shoes and then we went to eat, or did we buy alcohol? I can't remember ;). We ate at a really nice italian resturant and I had the tastiest pizza ever, it had gorgonzola and spinach. Gahh it was so tasty! After the dinner we went home and my friend was going to do some fortune telling with tarotcards but we all drank a little to much so we decided to do it some other time^^. And after some horrible hours outside I went to sleep. Woke up and felt like I never wanted to drink again xD. And that's how the cookie crumbles!

 What's happend since then? I went to Helsingör last saturday again but this time with my mother. And we did what my family does best. Shopping. I got this really pretty ballgown that is white with tiny light purple polka dots and reminded my friends of "Gone with the wind" and Sandy Bell. It's so precious! And I did my best bargain ever! Got like a 90% discount on a pair of wedge sneakers with real leather from Bianco. I wanted to cry of joy. And I asked them to make it a present for me :D. Then me and my mom had dinner outside and she forced me to stay out for the longest time. I just wanted to sleep, it was hot all weekend and I don't handle heat... At all. If you wanna see pics of the shoes and the dress(although it's  not the full dress) you can visit my instagram. Same name as here but I'll shall give you a link ;) <------ click on the smiley!!!!... SMILEY!!!! So it's like 11 minutes past my bed time and I get up five in the morning nowadays so good night // Rebellionstar with love. .. Got a problem with that?

Tierd post

So... I had 3 hours of sleep last night, woke up dizzy and slightly nauseous. Had planned on bringing veggieburger for lunch but I was way too deep in zombie mode so I had to pass. Went out and it was already very warm outside but zombie me could not be botherd to take of the cardigan. Sat down at the busstop and I heard I buzzing sound. Then I saw what I first thought was two bees mating but no, actually to my horror it was a bee brutaly murdering a butterfly. I really pretty white one. There where white butterfly pieces all over the ground. It's was terrible. Can't say that I felt any better after seeing that. Then I went to work, worket, did some shopping. Bought a bag and bikini panties. Went home, died a little. Now? I'm waiting for my mom to get here^^
// RebellionStar

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