I think about everything everyday. Terrible things that have happend to my family to my friends. Terrible things that happens all over the world. I do try to surpress the thoughts beacuse it breaks my heart over and over again. I hate it. I hate the terrible world that I live in. I hate Sweden for giving harder punishments to a swindler than a rapist. It's just sick. I hate swedish citizens for voting for sverigedemokraterna and giving them more power and popularity. I would have voted, and i would have left a blank note. Why? Cuz there is nothing I really agree with. I would get more involved but I have given up on swedish politic a long time ago. I mean JUST LOOK WTF HAPPEND! Sorry. I'm just so angry. I shall stop now. Bye // Rebellionstar

Yeah about that xD

I don't know, was it yesterday? The day before yesterday? I've been so tierd lately that I don't even know my name anymore xD Anyhow the reason that I wanted to post something yesterday/day before yesterday was because I have decided what I want to do with my life. There for the "Now I know" title of the post. I guess I need to sleep, but I think I did write that I was tierd xD. So to get back on track, I decided to fulfill all my dreams.
Like becoming a designer still not in a mode for designing but I'll get it back soon I have some cool ideas that I think will work^^
Becoming a gamedesigner/gamekonceptinger something something. I'm not really a gamer (yet) I don't have the proper tools to be one right now but I'll get it soon and I think I got some really cool and uniqe ideas that would work for at least someone xD
Becoming a illustrator/cartoonist, not gonna say anything in advanced but lately all my drawings have turned out really good and I hardly have to erase anything and I'm still in shock that I've become so much better without even practicing.
I also want to become a webdesigner. I do love spending time and do backgrounds, headers and stuff like the thing I lack in that is being able to read like html(did I write that properly) and other codes but I'm going to do a small course on like basic computer stuff and later take some more because I do want to learn and I rather do it now then later^^
And that was my purpose to make the last post xD. I'm going to get ready for bed now. Sweet dreams //Rebellionstar

Now I know

So to take an update on what happend in Helsingör. Besides the make up we went and walked a little my friends bought a lot of shoes and then we went to eat, or did we buy alcohol? I can't remember ;). We ate at a really nice italian resturant and I had the tastiest pizza ever, it had gorgonzola and spinach. Gahh it was so tasty! After the dinner we went home and my friend was going to do some fortune telling with tarotcards but we all drank a little to much so we decided to do it some other time^^. And after some horrible hours outside I went to sleep. Woke up and felt like I never wanted to drink again xD. And that's how the cookie crumbles!

 What's happend since then? I went to Helsingör last saturday again but this time with my mother. And we did what my family does best. Shopping. I got this really pretty ballgown that is white with tiny light purple polka dots and reminded my friends of "Gone with the wind" and Sandy Bell. It's so precious! And I did my best bargain ever! Got like a 90% discount on a pair of wedge sneakers with real leather from Bianco. I wanted to cry of joy. And I asked them to make it a present for me :D. Then me and my mom had dinner outside and she forced me to stay out for the longest time. I just wanted to sleep, it was hot all weekend and I don't handle heat... At all. If you wanna see pics of the shoes and the dress(although it's  not the full dress) you can visit my instagram. Same name as here but I'll shall give you a link ;) <------ click on the smiley!!!!... SMILEY!!!! So it's like 11 minutes past my bed time and I get up five in the morning nowadays so good night // Rebellionstar with love. .. Got a problem with that?

Tierd post

So... I had 3 hours of sleep last night, woke up dizzy and slightly nauseous. Had planned on bringing veggieburger for lunch but I was way too deep in zombie mode so I had to pass. Went out and it was already very warm outside but zombie me could not be botherd to take of the cardigan. Sat down at the busstop and I heard I buzzing sound. Then I saw what I first thought was two bees mating but no, actually to my horror it was a bee brutaly murdering a butterfly. I really pretty white one. There where white butterfly pieces all over the ground. It's was terrible. Can't say that I felt any better after seeing that. Then I went to work, worket, did some shopping. Bought a bag and bikini panties. Went home, died a little. Now? I'm waiting for my mom to get here^^
// RebellionStar

Late night post

Can't sleep, been feeling weird all day today...

Not much has happend lately, my friend from Uppsala came to visit last weekend we had a lot of fun. We went to Helsingör with my other friends from Lund and looked at shops and had dinner there. We were suppose to go to a café but we could not really find it^^
Oh I found me some e.l.f makeup there. I was really surprised and happy to find it there. I have been visiting their website for almost 3-4 years now but been to scared to buy anything from there. I'm not a big fan of buying anything of the internet really. I'm fine with electronics and like... interior stuff but almost everything else is scary to buy. I like to see it first and try it on and touch it xD. I'm really old-fashioned with that. Anyhow, I bought the zit zapper, the eyebrow- and eyelash gel combo thing, the black gelliner and the translucent compact powder. I actually like all of the items, the zit zapper is not a miracle worker but it does make the zit smaller. The browgel makes the brows stay as they should and same with the eyelash gel. The gelliner says to be smudge free but is not completly smudge-free, but only a little and I'm not sure if it had dried fully yet when it happend^^. The translucent powder does make me a little paler that I am but for me anything that does not make me look red or yellow are my friend so I don't really mind it. The applicator that comes in the package puts on a tad bit to much product and does not make it even but when I used my bamboo something powder brush it worked fine. My face did not become oily at all and I have crazy oily skin so the powder did really work for me! I looked good after a day of "thrifting" or second hand shopping with my friend in the heat so yeah. Baby I like it. Or something less awkward... Haha I guess those are my July favvs... This post became longer then expected... I shall write another post on what more that has been happening lately and what more happend in Helsingör. Good night // RebellionStar

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