Jesus, Liv Tyler and a burned nose.

Today I went to Ales stones and on the train ride there I saw Jesus, he was tall, light brown coloured hair and beard   , really cool 70's sunglases, a white shirt and beige pants and he was carrying a brown leather briefcase. He was really cool. Modern but still Jesus. The sun was so strong today and we were outside the whole day so I burned my nose. It's not red or anything but it's a tad bit browner then the rest of the face and it hurts a little so it's not that terrible. On my way home I saw a women who were so much alike Liv Tyler that it's crazy. She was really pretty like Liv Tyler but you could see that she was not her. I wanted to say that she was really beautiful and she resemble Liv... But I was a little to shy to do that. I'm gonna write more about Ales stones when I'm not as exhausted as I am today. I just wanted to share this info with ya'll. Hope everybody have a nice evening.
Bye bye // Rebellionstar ;3


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