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Hi rosebuds!
So while I'm wating for my kitchen to be free so I can cook dinner I'm gonna write a little about one of the animes I'm currently following. I'm not a sportsfan or anything but I love animes that are about japanese games like Karuta and Mahjong. Although I think Mahjong is chinese(?) correct me if I'm wrong here people. 
Anyway so I've been following this anime that is about karuta and I'm on the second season now and I never want it to end to be frank cuz it so good.
Upper picture is from the first season
Lower is from second season
(I do not own these pictures)
The name is Chihayafuru (season two is Chihayafuru 2). Karuta is 100 poems that they have to memorize to be able to play. They show in the anime that they use the Karuta cards to be able to memorize easier for school and such. So the main heroine is introduced to Karuta through this in school. There she meets a boy who grandfather is the King of Karuta so she plays Karuta with this boy and falls in love with the game. I'm not really gonna say more about it but if you like to see people working hard to reach their goal, romance and really funny scenes I strongly recomend this anime for you. I hope you will fall in love with it like I did.
Bye bye // RebellionStar


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