Yeah about that xD

I don't know, was it yesterday? The day before yesterday? I've been so tierd lately that I don't even know my name anymore xD Anyhow the reason that I wanted to post something yesterday/day before yesterday was because I have decided what I want to do with my life. There for the "Now I know" title of the post. I guess I need to sleep, but I think I did write that I was tierd xD. So to get back on track, I decided to fulfill all my dreams.
Like becoming a designer still not in a mode for designing but I'll get it back soon I have some cool ideas that I think will work^^
Becoming a gamedesigner/gamekonceptinger something something. I'm not really a gamer (yet) I don't have the proper tools to be one right now but I'll get it soon and I think I got some really cool and uniqe ideas that would work for at least someone xD
Becoming a illustrator/cartoonist, not gonna say anything in advanced but lately all my drawings have turned out really good and I hardly have to erase anything and I'm still in shock that I've become so much better without even practicing.
I also want to become a webdesigner. I do love spending time and do backgrounds, headers and stuff like the thing I lack in that is being able to read like html(did I write that properly) and other codes but I'm going to do a small course on like basic computer stuff and later take some more because I do want to learn and I rather do it now then later^^
And that was my purpose to make the last post xD. I'm going to get ready for bed now. Sweet dreams //Rebellionstar


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