Now I know

So to take an update on what happend in Helsingör. Besides the make up we went and walked a little my friends bought a lot of shoes and then we went to eat, or did we buy alcohol? I can't remember ;). We ate at a really nice italian resturant and I had the tastiest pizza ever, it had gorgonzola and spinach. Gahh it was so tasty! After the dinner we went home and my friend was going to do some fortune telling with tarotcards but we all drank a little to much so we decided to do it some other time^^. And after some horrible hours outside I went to sleep. Woke up and felt like I never wanted to drink again xD. And that's how the cookie crumbles!

 What's happend since then? I went to Helsingör last saturday again but this time with my mother. And we did what my family does best. Shopping. I got this really pretty ballgown that is white with tiny light purple polka dots and reminded my friends of "Gone with the wind" and Sandy Bell. It's so precious! And I did my best bargain ever! Got like a 90% discount on a pair of wedge sneakers with real leather from Bianco. I wanted to cry of joy. And I asked them to make it a present for me :D. Then me and my mom had dinner outside and she forced me to stay out for the longest time. I just wanted to sleep, it was hot all weekend and I don't handle heat... At all. If you wanna see pics of the shoes and the dress(although it's  not the full dress) you can visit my instagram. Same name as here but I'll shall give you a link ;) <------ click on the smiley!!!!... SMILEY!!!! So it's like 11 minutes past my bed time and I get up five in the morning nowadays so good night // Rebellionstar with love. .. Got a problem with that?


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