Late night post

Can't sleep, been feeling weird all day today...

Not much has happend lately, my friend from Uppsala came to visit last weekend we had a lot of fun. We went to Helsingör with my other friends from Lund and looked at shops and had dinner there. We were suppose to go to a café but we could not really find it^^
Oh I found me some e.l.f makeup there. I was really surprised and happy to find it there. I have been visiting their website for almost 3-4 years now but been to scared to buy anything from there. I'm not a big fan of buying anything of the internet really. I'm fine with electronics and like... interior stuff but almost everything else is scary to buy. I like to see it first and try it on and touch it xD. I'm really old-fashioned with that. Anyhow, I bought the zit zapper, the eyebrow- and eyelash gel combo thing, the black gelliner and the translucent compact powder. I actually like all of the items, the zit zapper is not a miracle worker but it does make the zit smaller. The browgel makes the brows stay as they should and same with the eyelash gel. The gelliner says to be smudge free but is not completly smudge-free, but only a little and I'm not sure if it had dried fully yet when it happend^^. The translucent powder does make me a little paler that I am but for me anything that does not make me look red or yellow are my friend so I don't really mind it. The applicator that comes in the package puts on a tad bit to much product and does not make it even but when I used my bamboo something powder brush it worked fine. My face did not become oily at all and I have crazy oily skin so the powder did really work for me! I looked good after a day of "thrifting" or second hand shopping with my friend in the heat so yeah. Baby I like it. Or something less awkward... Haha I guess those are my July favvs... This post became longer then expected... I shall write another post on what more that has been happening lately and what more happend in Helsingör. Good night // RebellionStar


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