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So... I had 3 hours of sleep last night, woke up dizzy and slightly nauseous. Had planned on bringing veggieburger for lunch but I was way too deep in zombie mode so I had to pass. Went out and it was already very warm outside but zombie me could not be botherd to take of the cardigan. Sat down at the busstop and I heard I buzzing sound. Then I saw what I first thought was two bees mating but no, actually to my horror it was a bee brutaly murdering a butterfly. I really pretty white one. There where white butterfly pieces all over the ground. It's was terrible. Can't say that I felt any better after seeing that. Then I went to work, worket, did some shopping. Bought a bag and bikini panties. Went home, died a little. Now? I'm waiting for my mom to get here^^
// RebellionStar


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