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I'm so bad at this! But if I had a better phone I would post more often. (I broke my samsung galaxy s3) Anyhow. So I had my first day at school and it was awesome. I'm so excited for this semester, I'm going to get more involved in like everything! And this week and the next is going to be crazy fun! Andf I pierced my nose, I did a septum and I look epic and awesome. I also did a helix. That one hurt like oh mother of god why why why much. 
I had a rampage on my hair today and went to the body shop and got a bunch of samples. They are so nice and helpful there. I got the ginger shampo, the hair butter moisture, the macadamian hairstraigtening balm and the cottonseed curl boost. I think I will do a review of them. I also got two samples from Makeup Store, the matt foundation in the color sand, and the second darkest concealer. I'm gonna drink green cherry tea now, this made me tierd. 
Me with the nose piercing. I did it at Nikila in Kalmar. The owner and piercer is named Philip Svensson. 


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