It takes two to whisper

And my heart skipped a beat. 
So it's almost half past eleven and I'm still awake and not tierd. Even though I did not fall asleep until five in the morning last night. I walked a lot today, a lot. I think I walked on totall for three hours. That more than I sleept...  Is that not kind of sad? Today my mom talked to my old design teacher and asked if I'm going to Japan yet. Made we go on a spree of looking for opportunitys to go to Japan. I really wanna go, even just for a week. I actually don't want anything else to be honest. Sure I say I wanna go to London as well but that only cuz I know it's so much cheaper. I say I want a new computer but I actually need a new computer. Well I do want one but I need one as well. I mean I would not be saving money for it otherwise. Actually feeling tierd now, good night rosebuds
// ♥Rebellionstar


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