You say way too nice things...

I've been sick for almost a month, lovely. And I've been doing everything you are not suppose to be doing while beeing sick. Like, going out, not sleeping, not eating properly(or healthy). Way to go Alex!

Wanted to write something, but I forgot what. So I'll just write things I need(want). I mean it's my birthday soon and I''ll be wishing me some nice stuff. 
  1.  New computer. (Need it not want it. Mine is dying...)
  2. Compact camera (just want it)
  3. Money (need it)
  4. Shoppingday (want it/need it)
  5. Giftcard at Sephora (want it)
  6. Giftcard at The body shop (want it)
  7. Tv (want it)
  8. Pretty fan (solfjäder) (collecting it)
  9. Scented candles (want it)
  10. Nailpolish (want it)
  11. Lovely postcards (collecting it)
  12. Cute posters (collecting it)
  13. New pair of jeans (need it, need it, need it, need it)
Wanted to get that out of my system... Not expecting to get everything, I'll probably just end up buying most of it myself (: and I will always be wanting a trip to Tokyo and London. Just saying. 


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