So I'm back...

Hello rosebuds
So I'm here to fill you in on what's been going on in my life since I last wrote here. I decided on changing the look on the blog before I wrote again and I deleted all my old post. Don't really have a reason for it  just did. After a few months of being lost in my own thought, neglecting school and constantly watching anime I'm finally back to life. It's summer, I got work, I got friends I will have money at the end of this month but it's okay. Um... So I have failed my latest Japanese course but I'm going to do the reexam in august. So that will probably not be a problem... I've spent a lot of time in Malmö and will spend most of my time there this summer since I'm working there as well and for some other nice reasons but ya'll don't have to know that! 
I realised that I'm really socially awkward and a shop-a-holic. But I also realised that most of my money goes to food and not so much shopping wich is weird but I shall try and not spend so much on food anymore. Like eat out less and eat less falafels... BUT THEY ARE SO TASTY! But I'm gonna stop. And I'm trying to maintain my "only-eat-sweets-'n'-shit-on-weekends" but it's not going so good. But I'm sweating like crazy at my job so it's a little okay I guess... Enough of that! I went to my moms cuz I thought that I would not have a job during the summer so I was going to live there but then I got one.. .Woop woop. And currently I live alone in Lund. And I really like it, except for sharing kitchen, toilet and shower. But it's okay, I'm used to it now. Um... What more is intresting... Meh I'll write when I can come up with something good to write bye bye ^^

Postat av: Erica

Äntligen, sweets! 'bout time you got back in the blogging business again!

(Haha, på tal om att eat out less, kanske blir ett issue om vi ska ses på middag en dag since my oven is indisposed och kommer vara så tills jag får den bytt... Inte för att jag sörjer det särskilt mycket, men ändå :P )

Svar: Haha det gör inget, det går att steka allt xD. Jag har bara en kvarts rast under mitt pass och slutar kvart över åtta så om du inte har något emot att äta sen middag så kan vi ju ändå ha middag... Men jag förstå om du inte vill äta så sent, speciellt inte med en svettig och äcklig tjej vid bordet xD

2013-07-01 @ 23:29:17

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